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Carlton Smith Music 



Joya Mooi "Hold You Tight"

Michael C Smith, August 13 2020

A few years ago I traveled through Europe and was met by a stirring genre of music I never heard before. It was R&B but not R&B. EDM but not EDM. Jazz but not Jazz. Neo Soul but not Neo Soul. It was all of that and more. If you consider this to be New Soul, a term I first heard by recording artist Cecily, Joya Mooi brings exactly that...

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Salaam Remi Drops the Summer Anthem You'll never hear!

Michael C Smith, August 6 2020

Grammy Nominated Producer Salaam Remi has been around for a long time working with GOATS like Nas, The Fugees, Toni Braxton and Amy Winehouse. This summer he drops the solo album Do It For The Culture 2 and his latest single EmOGs is a must hear. Produced by Salaam and Maimouna Youssef AKA Mumu Fresh the single features Mumu on vocals where she rap...

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It's Not Just #METOO it's #MENTOO

Michael C Smith, January 13 2019

Hip hop journalist and TV producer Dream Hampton ripped the band aid off the wound that we call R Kelly. In doing so she revealed the puss and disease that runs rampant across the music industry. It’s inconceivable to hear that your idol can be suspected of such heinous actions, capable of demeaning another human being. Sexual assault and human tor...

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The 1 thing that every successful artist does...and you should start doing right now.

Michael C Smith, August 20 2018

The music industry is full of artists that failed and succeeded. It all depends on how they approach one particular subject. The fan. In today's industry the fan has multiple options - listening to millions of songs on streaming media, legacy libraries on digital and physical media, video games, movies, TV shows, books, amusement parks, travel, fes...

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