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Carlton Smith Music 
Michael C Smith, August 13 2020

Joya Mooi "Hold You Tight"

A few years ago I traveled through Europe and was met by a stirring genre of music I never heard before. It was R&B but not R&B. EDM but not EDM. Jazz but not Jazz. Neo Soul but not Neo Soul. It was all of that and more. If you consider this to be New Soul, a term I first heard by recording artist Cecily, Joya Mooi brings exactly that in her new single “Hold You Tight.” The Amsterdam native shows her European and African roots displaying soothing vocals, intertwined with melodic chords from music producer Blazehoven.  "Hold You Tight" is as much as a laid back song suited for long highways across beautiful terrain as it is a sensual lovemaking song that can set the mood anywhere at any time.

While only a minute and thirty seven seconds, the video for “Hold You Tight” leaves the viewer left "wanting more and more and more" as Joya sings through out the song. The director does a great job of making use of what is available. A school, a field, a basketball court, a train overpass. All seemingly basic on their own, the director brings each background together to make a memorable video. The barrier to making good music and good visual is lowered. A couple wardrobe changes, a few different hair styles and it doesn't matter if you have a budget or not, you can be immediately noticed. Joya Mooi demonstrates how a dope song can cross borders with the power of the internet. An independent artist might take longer to blow up with out backing from a major but it will happen.

Joya is the type of artist that will stop you dead in your tracks. It is easy to become hypnotized by her alto voice and choice of deep mahogany instrumentals. Joya accentuates her natural gifts and the beauty of her surroundings. Her image portrays a bold statement whether it is intended or not..."You are perfect just the way you are."

If you want to hear the full track listen to the Carlton Smith Music Playlist on Spotify:

Written by

Michael C Smith


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