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Carlton Smith Music 

Recording Artist Fundamentals

Own Your Music Career

Are you finding yourself spinning in this industry and not knowing where to start?

Join a real live instructor who will walk you through navigating the music industry

Collaborate with, other real life musicians just like you! Build your network and apply advanced practices directly to your career.

What are You getting?

  • An instructor that will help you navigate the music industry
  • Access to a network of serious people just like you
  • Real answers to your questions, not comments
  • Learn how to think like an entrepreneur
  • Gain confidence in your Music business skills
  • Become better at establishing and negotiating music deals
  • A Certificate of completion

We Are In This Together


In Our Recording Artist Fundamentals Course you will learn:

  • The Artist’s Business Team
  • Songwriting and Music Publishing      
  • Record Deals      
  • Music Licensing and Streaming      
  • Touring & Merchandise      
  • Producer and Mixer Deals      
  • Non-Fungible Tokens      
  • Music Marketing Week
  • Pitfalls of the Music Industry
  • How to Master Your Network