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Carlton Smith Music 

Recording Artist Fundamentals

Own Your Music Career

Are you finding yourself spinning in this industry and not knowing where to start?

Join a real live instructor who will walk you through navigating the music industry

Collaborate with, other real life musicians just like you!

  • An instructor that will help you navigate the music industry
  • Access to a network of serious people just like you
  • Real answers to your questions, not comments
  • Learn how to think like an entrepreneur
  • Gain confidence in your Music business skills
  • Become better at establishing and negotiating music deals
  • A Certificate of completion

What are You getting?

We Are In This Together


In Our Recording Artist Fundamentals Course you will learn:

  • The Artist’s Business Team
  • Songwriting and Music Publishing      
  • Record Deals      
  • Music Licensing and Streaming      
  • Touring & Merchandise      
  • Producer and Mixer Deals      
  • Non-Fungible Tokens      
  • Music Marketing Week
  • Pitfalls of the Music Industry
  • How to Master Your Network

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