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Carlton Smith Music 
Michael C Smith, August 6 2020

Cleo Sol - "When I'm in your Arms"

If you close your eyes and listen to Cleo Sol's "When I'm In Your Arms" you may think that you're listening to the Sweet Taboo artist Sade herself but you would be wrong. Cleo brings a soul stirring, alternative R&B, jazz infused masterpiece that even those  that came before her could only wish to create.

Cleo was born into a jazz band. Her mother plays the flute and guitar, her father plays the bass and piano. It's only right that Cleo would fill out the family band with her light as air voice that shines a warmth on all those that listen to it.

Everything is right about this song. The intro bass line, the swarming strings, the latin congos. In Cleo's Youtube comments youtuber Ms W describes it as an experience,  "This song sounds like slow hands rubbing Shea butter on freshly showered legs. Just sexy and sultry." If emotions are what this song wanted you to take away, then emotions are what you takeaway. From thoughts of making babies to cruising down the highway, When I'm in Your arms will literally take you to a place where there were no worries for five minutes and 35 seconds.

Cleo's voice seduces you against a back drop of angelic instruments,  calling you, guiding you to ecstasy. The listener is unwitting in the experience, only becoming more and more seduced as the song comes to it's climax. Cleo gives us an instruction on how to capture the listener, on how to psychologically turn a passing browser into a fan. You can't escape her instrumentals, you can't break away from her voice. The listener sits there wanting more and more, never satisfied like a fat kid with cake. Like a man with sports. Like a woman with wine. The appetite for her music is so voracious, try what you may, it will never be quenched.

Cleos' lyrics are simple and to the point. There's no need to decipher what she wants...what she needs. Whether you play this song for a significant other, or you're thinking of a significant other, Cleo let's you know she wants to be in someones arms. That sentiment is automatically understood by the listener. Turn down the lights, light a candle, step into her safe place. Step into your safe place. The arms of that one person you love more than anything.

Listen to "When I'm In your Arms" now on our Spotify playlist

Written by

Michael C Smith


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