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Carlton Smith Music 
Michael C Smith, August 13 2020

Gary Jay Hoffman - "Sweet Irish Cream"

The only Irish Folk song on Gary Jay Hoffman's New Americana Album "Back to the Farm", "Sweet Irish Cream" represents for Ireland. A beautiful song in itself, "Sweet Irish Cream" can be the musical backdrop for any action film. The guitar on "Sweet Irish Cream" performs an intricate dance with the fiddle making a traditional genre contemporary and updated. Every instrument is clear and in your face as Gary takes you to a quaint Irish street where he meets the most beautiful woman he has ever saw.The town depicted in the video, Dingle happens to be a real town. The song is about a guy regretting he didn't try to meet a woman he was attracted to while on vacation in Dingle Ireland. As Gary says "We may all have a story about not trying, or the one that got away."

You can feel the American grit inspired by Irish culture in Sweet Irish Cream. The vinyl effect embedded deep in the background gives the song an authentic feel you rarely hear on new music. At 60 years "young" as he calls it. Gary says that it "literally took [him] 45 yrs to get good at singing, playing and writing music. Gary really became serious about his craft in the last five years he claims. You can't hear it though. "Sweet Irish Cream" sounds like Gary has been dropping hits for his entire 45 year career.

The video captures some of the most awe inspiring shots, transporting you directly to Ireland. As the video offers a great depiction of farm life, you might just miss that it also shows the process of turning milk to Irish cream. Throughout the video the director gives us tantalizing shots of the protagonist who subtly flirts with the camera. "Sweet Irish Cream" is the perfect example of a good music meeting good video.

Listen to "Sweet Irish Cream" now on our Spotify Playlist

Written by

Michael C Smith


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