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Carlton Smith Music 
Michael C Smith, August 13 2020

Imani Wj Wright "So I Thought"

Imani Wright takes us on a soulful journey of preconceptions. "So I thought" is a heart wrenching cry to keep a relationship in tact as it starts to show signs of ending. Imani's retrospective look on what he thought he knew and what actually happened in a relationship is a catchy tune for anyone that has lost love. "So I thought"s, mahogany laced chords and scratchy guitar licks paint a picture of young love betrayed by growth and separation.

You can hear Imani's heart pour out on this emotional track. Pleading for his love interest to stay, you can hear in his voice that he already knows it's over. Produced by Ocean, Imani is accompanied by a dynamic track of thumping drums, deep basslines, and hypnotizing guitars. Imani's youtube followers describe this track as everything from "smooth butter" to being mistaken as "Miguel."

Imani's breath control comes across effortlessly in this track. The multi-talented singer, songwriter and entrepreneur focuses on mastering tone rather than range on this particular song. His tactic works as the listener focuses on his voice and is brought into the song as opposed to focusing on other parts of the track or distractions happening outside of the song.

A native of Baltimore, Imani is sure to have more hits waiting for unsuspecting fans.

You can hear "So I thought" now on our Spotify Playlist

Written by

Michael C Smith


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