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Carlton Smith Music 
Michael C Smith, August 6 2020

Aya Ito covers Sinead Harnett's"If You Let Me"

Aya Ito's "If You let me " is an example of how you can remake a hit song with just three instruments, violin, piano and the human voice. A cover of Sinead Harnett's "If You Let Me", Aya's vocals are haunting and soul penetrating.  Motivated by her own relationship issues, Aya said she decided to cover the song to get through a time where her "boyfriend saw a text on the phone involving me and a lady friend." Now I don't know what her boyfriend saw but it was obviously enough for Aya to pour her heart out on this track.

As far as love songs go, "If You let me" is the essence of summer love. Everything is good until it's not. What happens when you lose the love of your life? What will you say to get them back? Directed by Moteef Media, the video compliments the song using minimal effects, bringing out the beauty of the natural surroundings. Set in the country Aya's white piano is complimented by her violinist in all white both against a background of green foliage. Moteef's shots are a testament to what emerging artists and directors can do using what resources they have.

For comparison, I posted Sinead Harnett's version, a great song in itself. The two versions are a testament that you can have two powerful artists sing the same song and like them both equally. What the two versions show however is that a song can have a different feel depending on how it's produced. It will sound one way with light acoustics and another with heavy production. Not a bad idea for a main track if you're looking to use it in different ways.

Aya's idea of covering "If You Let Me" was a great move on her part. During this pandemic, where shows are non-existent, and artists are scrambling to make their mark, the cover allows Aya to tap into Sinead's fan base adding them to her own. The song is familiar and grabs the attention of those that know it. Aya's voice grabs the attention of those that don't.

I highly recommend adding Aya Ito's rendition of "If you let me" to your playlist. In fact we added it to our own.

Listen to Aya Ito's "If you let me" now on our Spotify playlist

Written by

Michael C Smith


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