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Carlton Smith Music 

The Review

Get your music to the people who matter

Expand your reach

Carlton Smith Music remains committed to independent artists by providing more opportunities to be heard during a time musicians are being silenced. Whether it's rock, soul, edm, rap, or country, good music is good music. Submit your song to be our next review.




It's All Love

At Carlton Smith Music we build our artists up, not break them down. In a world where everyone has an opinion with flaring tension, there is a fine line between constructive and destructive criticism. We asked what happens when you take the criticism out and just praise dope music? What happens when you shine a spotlight on talented artists giving listeners new options. And what happens if you just don't review songs that aren't good?

We bring you

"The Review"

The Review is our way of giving back to artists and listeners. We dig through the songs to highlight the best in all genres. We just don't do this for our artists, we do this for all independent artists. We encourage you to submit a link to your Youtube video and if we like it, we'll tell people why and we'll highlight it. We'll even add it to our Spotify playlist.

Submit your track now!