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Carlton Smith Music 

Performance Royalties

Monetizing Music

ASCAP Payments Coming...Eventually

Michael C Smith, April 20 2020

Coronavirus has everything in chaos. Last month ASCAP sent a letter to its members stating due to the epidemic, the businesses that would normally pay to license music have been impacted. Many licensees are asking for reduced pricing or not willing to pay/buy at all. Due to this the payment schedule was pushed back three weeks from April 6th to Apr...

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Why you should register your music

Why Sampling isn't worth your time...unless you're sampled.

Michael C Smith, October 12 2018

Made popular in rap music and later expanding to other genres, sampling is the practice of taking a piece of existing recorded music and inserting it into a second derivative piece of music. Producers who sample may take a large recognizable section such as a chorus and insert it into their work, or very craftily "chop" the sample by rearranging di...

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