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Carlton Smith Music 

Corona Virus

Monetizing Music

ASCAP Payments Coming...Eventually

Michael C Smith, April 20 2020

Coronavirus has everything in chaos. Last month ASCAP sent a letter to its members stating due to the epidemic, the businesses that would normally pay to license music have been impacted. Many licensees are asking for reduced pricing or not willing to pay/buy at all. Due to this the payment schedule was pushed back three weeks from April 6th to Apr...

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Monetizing Music

How artists can profit in the COVID-19 Chaos (ethically)

Michael C Smith, March 18 2020

Photo by Spencer Imbrock During this global pandemic, there are a lot of stories about price gauging and shady actions. There is an old saying that "there is profit in chaos". People and business drop everything when there is panic. When fear and uncertainty hit those who stay grounded can find opportunity. The truth of the matter however is that...

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